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Cloud computing is a model for empowering organizations by providing them ondemand access to computing resources through the internet. These resources (network,servers, storage, and services) can be quickly set up and deployed with minimal interaction from the service provider. Cloud services are an emerging technology that allows organizations access to on-demand computing. Organizations control the amount of services consumed, paying only for what they use.

This technology is well suited for small organizations that cannot afford expensive hardware, software, and the IT staff needed to support Web GIS applications. Smaller organizations can leverage economies of scale and only pay for what they consume. The organizations have the ability to increase or decrease services on demand. This allows the organization to spend less time, on managing IT resources and more time focusing on their core mission.

Web GIS is Evolving

The primary reason for implementing a Web GIS for any project is to reach multiple users at the lowest possible cost, integrate the spatial component, help manage the data (view, modify, edit, and export), reduce data entry error, provide an intuitive and easy-to-use graphical user interface, and facilitate the updating and deployment of the application.

Have questions on how to leverage this technology for your organization? Contact us with your questions and comments. Map-N-Hike can assist in creating, managing, analyzing, and sharing your data using the latest Web GIS technology.

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Web GIS combines data from multiple sources that can be referred to as a Mashup. These sources can be distributed from many agencies located all over the world. 

Geospatial Infrastructure Is Transforming Organizations

Geospatial infrastructure is transforming organizations, integrating and leveraging many technologies

Geospatial Infrastructure
Tailor-Made Digital Mapping
Tailor-Made Digital Mapping

Tailor-Made Digital Mapping

Customized Web GIS Strategy

Providing secure portals for your clients. In 15 years as a GIS specialist for local government and private firms, I spent a tremendous amount of time packaging up data products that we had created and sending them to clients so that they could view them in their own GIS systems. In many cases, it would have been far more efficient to provide the client with a secure log-in to a web GIS application so that they could view or even possibly edit that data via the internet.
Providing limited GIS access to light users within your organization who don’t require a full desktop license. This might include web-accessible viewers for project managers to view the data collected by field crews. It might also include lightweight data creation and editing capabilities for field crews.

Web GIS Technology

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We can consult with you to define the approach to delivering transformational GIS capabilities for your organization.

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