Mount Jefferson White Mountains New Hampshire

Trail and Summits

Looking to climb all the four thousand footers in the White Mountains? This application lets you explore the trails and summits in the White Mountains of New Hampshire. The application is focused on researching trails and summits leading to the 48 four thousand footers. Use your mouse click to identify any of the trails or summits. You can use the search tool to locate a specific landmark or address or if you prefer you can query each of the layers or view all the data directly inside the table to select and go directly to the trail or summit. If you have questions; just let us know. Click here to view the application: WebGIS Application.

Four Thousand Footers

“Each Year, individuals, friends, and families, take up the pastime of hiking. Somewhere along the way they get hooked on the pursuit of hiking the four thousand footers. For some time it is done as a physical challenge.”

AMC Four 4K Club

Summits and Trails Web GIS Application

Web GIS Layers

The trail and summit application has over 20 layers to interact with. Whether it is the services roads, wilderness areas, full service huts or shuttle locations the application is a great planning tool.

  • Forest Service Roads
  • Forest Boundary
  • Wilderness Areas
  • Hiking Routes – Example
  • Trail System
  • Service Huts
  • Summits (48 4k’s)
  • Recreation POI
  • Shuttle Locations
  • Mileage Markers
  • Photos of POI
  • Summits (USGS)
  • Post Offices
  • EMS Services
  • Hospitals

Application is continually being improved to include additional layers and adding new features. This particular application is designed for desktop and tablet use and we are planning to role out a mobile application soon. All  applications on this site are free planning tools to assist others plan for their adventures in the White Mountains.

One of the tools available in the summit and trails application is the “Elevation Profile” tool, which allows the user to select a trail segment or create your own. Give the application a try and use this along with the many others to assist you in planning your next hike.

Elevation Profile Tool

Most Trusted

Each map is crafted in conjunction with local land manager and undergoes rigorous review and enhancement 

Waterproof- Tear Resistant

Every trails Illustrated map is printed on “Backcountry Tough” waterproof, tear resistant paper. 

Detailed Topographic Information

Each Trails Illustrated map contains detailed topographic information, clearly marked trails, recreational points of interest and navigational aids.

Hiking Mileage

Also, shown are hiking trails with mileage between intersections as well as points of interest such as campgrounds, visitor centers, lookout towers, and more.

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