Presidential Election

New Hampshire Presidential Election

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Mapping Election Results
New Hampshire State Flag

Mapping the Presidential Election Results 2016

On the month leading up to the Presidential Election in the State of New Hampshire, we decided to visit the New Hampshire Secretary of State’s Office website and download the tabular data for the results of the 2016 Presidential Election results. Maps are a great way to visualize results of all types of data and voting is one example everyone can relate with. Voting data can also be mapped at the parcel level to included all registered voters by type (republican, democrat, undecided) as well as unregistered voters. Take a few moments and see the results from your home town and compare those results to some of the other towns in New Hampshire.

"Nobody will ever deprive the American people of the right to vote except the American people themselves and the only way they could do this is by not voting."

State of New Hampshire Presidential Election 2016

Presidential Ballot

November 8, 2016

  • Total Registered Voters: 1,007,402
  • Democratic: 288,808
  • Republican: 308,808
  • Undeclared: 409,786
  • Ballot Votes Cast: 732,267
  • Write-In Votes Cast: 12,029
  • Total Votes Cast: 744,296

There were a total of 35 write-in candidates. The following candidates who filed papers indicating that they are running write-in campaigns for President of the United States who received at least one vote:

Write-In Candidates – Received Votes
1. Joe Biden6. John McCain11. Marco Rubio
2. Jeb Bush7. Evan McMullin12. Paul Ryan
3. Ben Carson8. Rand Paul13. Bernie Sanders
4. Ted Cruz9. Mike Pence14. Vermin Supreme
5. John Kasich10. Mitt Romney15. Chris Christie

The following candidates who filed papers indicating that they are running write-in campaigns for President of the United States and received no votes:

Write-In Candidates – Received No Votes
16. Chris Booth23. Cherunda Fox30. Carly Morton
17. William Bownhall24. Sharon Harrel31. Michelle Slocum
18. Dana Brown25. Val Kittington32. Coop Smith
19. Roberty Buchanan26. James Legan33. Lanny Tisdale
20. Steve Carlson27. Johnson Li34. Dora Robert
21. Thomas Coyne28. David Limbaugh35. Katz Vakil
22. Richard Duncan29. Star Locke
New Hampshire Presidential Election Results
New Hampshire Presidential Election Results

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