Custom Trail Maps

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Custom Trail Maps

Hiking one of the 48 four thousand footers in the White Mountains? The maps are geared towards a day hike for most of the hikes with the exception of a few that for most people would be a multi-day hike.

For the longer hikes we included two or three 8 ½ x 11 sheets to cover the larger area with the same scale.The maps are 8 1/2 x 11 which can be downloaded and printed at home. The maps provide 40 foot contours; labels every 200 feet; shaded relief; scales ranging from 1” = 2,000 Feet to 1”=4,400 Feet and you can choose the spatial grid to plot your GPS coordinates.

These maps compliment other smaller scale maps and are great for those learning to hike with map and compass! We have provided a few examples to evaluate whether they suit your needs.  Links to a few examples: Owls Head Hike; Mount Whiteface.

Below are examples of the 3 different spatial grid options to choose from. Customers now have the option to select the one of the spatial grids referenced below or request others that match there GPS device. Being comfortable with navigating using a map and compass is one of the essential skills to hiking safely. Looking for a topic to learn more about; let us know.

 Standard MapsMap-N-Hike
Size18 x 248 ½ x 11
Scale1″ = 8,000 FT1″ = 2,000 FT / 1″= 4,400 FT
Spatial Grid (WGS 84)Every 5′ MinutesEvery 10″ Seconds
Spatial Grid OptionsLimited3 – Others Available Upon Request
FocusLarger Area Less DetailSmaller Area More Detail
Contour Intervals100 Feet40 Feet
Map & Compass NavigationChallengingIdeal For Beginners
Shaded ReliefNoYes
Available as Digital DownloadNoYes

Spatial Grid - Latitude/Longitude (DMS)

custom trail map
Mount Whiteface Trail Map - Latitude/Longitude Spatial Grid - Tic Marks Every 10" Seconds

Spatial Grid - New Hampshire State Plane (Feet)

custom trail map nad83
Mount Whiteface Trail Map - State Plane Spatial Grid - Tic Marks Every 1,000 Feet

Spatial Grid - UTM 19N (Meters)

custom trail map utm19n
Mount Whiteface Trail Map - UTM 19 N Spatial Grid - Tic Marks Every 500 Meters

To illustrate a how each spatial grid references the same location, try this online Web GIS application that allows the user to activate the “Coordinate Tool” and hover over any location on the map to retrieve the XY values for each spatial grid. Visit the application by using this link or click on the photo below. The video shows a quick walk through on how to retrieve the XY coordinates for each spatial grid.

Play Video

Here is an example of the same location referenced in each one of the spatial grids noted above. The location is the intersection of Blueberry Ledge Cutoff and Blueberry Ledge Trail which leads to Mount Whiteface in the Sandwich Range of the White Mountains.

WKIDReference NameCoordinate SystemDatumCoordinatesUnits
4326WGS 84 Grid (DMS)GeographicWGS-8471° 23′ 16.7″ 43° 54′ 57.9″deg: min: sec
3437NAD 83 Grid (Feet)ProjectedNAD-831,057,690 516,251feet
32619UTM 19N (Meters)ProjectedNAD-83308,275 4,4865,323meters

Digital maps are available for instant download. These maps and others are available to purchase at our online store.

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