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Map-N-Hike can embed custom maps using Esri’s JavaScript API. Esri has done a lot of work not only on the technology but on the developer experience around the technology. If you would like to embed custom interactive web maps into your website, but don’t know where to start, contact us and we can provide solutions to meet your needs.  Below are just a few examples of  interactive mapping applications that illustrate live feeds, demographics, and imagery and represent just a  few of the hundreds of different variations that can be embedded on your organizations website.

One of the samples illustrated below is called “Coordinate Conversion”. This custom application allows the users to locate a point of interest and view the coordinates in several different types of coordinates systems. To learn more about the different types of coordinates, you can reference our previous blog post “Graticules and Grids” or our web page explaining more about “Coordinate Systems“. Experiment with this web application; search for a summit or trail and activate the “Coordinates” tool to view XY values for each of the different coordinate systems.

This focused application can be customized (i.e. trail or summit symbology; labeling, and informational popups) to suit the various needs of the customer. If you would like to see a particular use case and how it can be incorporated to fit your needs or interested in developing your own custom application and would like to know more on how to get started, contact us and submit your question.

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