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GIS integrates all types of data, the traditional geospatial data like imagery and vector features but also tabular data, unstructured data and real time data. GIS extracts all types of data into layers to create a common language of maps and scenes, models and tools that can be used by analysts and power applications. Map-N-Hike provides services to acquire, create, maintain, analyze, and share geospatial data.

Map-N-Hike Digital Mapping Solutions
Map-N-Hike Digital Mapping Solutions

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We provide Organizations with Geographic Information and digital mapping solutions using the latest technology available.

Applications use APIs, SDKs, and Runtimes to work with web resources or items. These items like web maps, layers, tools, dashboards, and application configurations are powered by geospatial services for data access, editing, sync, visualization, and analytics. These types of geospatial services access data from a variety of data stores and are both hosted and user managed..

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Map-N-Hike Spatial Analysis

Spatial Analysis

Identify patterns in your data

• Aggregate and normalize
• Intersect and extract
• Buffer and Route
• Pattern analysis
• Geometry operations
• Projecting data

Map-N-Hike Web GIS Development

Web GIS Development

Reach multiple users at the lowest possible cost, integrate the spatial component, help manage the data (view, modify, edit, export), reduce data entry error, provide an intuitive and easy-to-use graphical user interface.

Map-N-Hike Custom Mapping

Custom Mapping

We provide custom mapping and GIS services to a wide range of industries. Utilizing the latest software, datasets, and imagery, our expert and professional staff work efficiently to deliver products and services to meet your specific needs.

Mapping Products and Services

Custom Mapping, Spatial Analysis, & Web GIS Development

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